Circle of Service

It has come to our attention that a company called Shopping At Us has created a copy of our website and has been mailing out checks, asking people to conduct mystery shop evaluations, etc. using our company name. Please be advised that Circle of Service is NOT affiliated with this company in any way. CIRCLE OF SERVICE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO CASH A CHECK OR PERFORM A MONEY TRANSFER AS PART OF ANY MYSTERY SHOP OR AUDIT.

Mystery Shopping

Uncover the details of the actual customer experience quickly and accurately.


Customer Feedback

Listen to and leverage the voice of your customers to enhance their brand experience.


Brand Compliance

Monitor and improve brand compliance and transparency within your operations.

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Many businesses want to listen in on what their customers have to say, but few truly hear what’s being said. Let us be your ever present eyes and ears ensuring exceptional brand management and customer experience.

Check Cashing
Scam Warning

We will never ask you to cash a check or perform a wire transfer transaction at Western Union or anywhere else as part of a mystery shopping experience.

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a Circle of Service representative who asks you to do either of those activities, contact us.

  1. Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

    Unfortunately, many people are being taken advantage of in this economy. That includes fake mystery shopping experiences that pay exorbitant rates. That should be your first clue that what you’re being asked to do is illegal. While we may have some shops that pay in the $50-75 range, they are few and far between. We will never promise you a job. We will never ask you to send us money....