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It has come to our attention that a company called Shopping At Us has created a copy of our website and has been mailing out checks, asking people to conduct mystery shop evaluations, etc. using our company name. Please be advised that Circle of Service is NOT affiliated with this company in any way. CIRCLE OF SERVICE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO CASH A CHECK OR PERFORM A MONEY TRANSFER AS PART OF ANY MYSTERY SHOP OR AUDIT.

We would love to hear from you!

We understand the value of customer service and we welcome your contact at any time. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience better. We're here to help make your business excel.

Shopper and Auditor Application

In order to apply to be part of our program you must disclose your entire birth date including year and your gender. Some of the assignments we have require a certain age or age group and/or a certain gender. If you do not agree to willfully disclose this information below, please return to our website and do not complete the application.

It is crucial that you answer all required questions (marked with a ). If you don’t you will be told you missed a question and you will lose all of your entries. It is strongly recommended that you type your long answers into Notepad or something similar then copy/paste them into the boxes in this application.

PersonalPersonal Information

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BackgroundBackground Information

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Distance you’re willing to travel from your house. *
Where did you hear about us?
If other, where?
If someone referred you, who was it so we can say thank you:
Name three mystery shopping companies where you performed the most shops:


Check all of the devices that you have:

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What are the years, makes, and models of the cars that you have available to use:

Primary Vehicle:
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Alternate Vehicle:

Social MediaSocial Media

Which social media tools / accounts do you have?


LocationsMystery Shopping Locations

Please tell us if you would feel comfortable completing a Mystery Shop at the following places:
(examples are examples only and do not necessarily reflect our client list)



Tell us about your work history and what you are doing currently:
Please tell us about a recent experience that you had at a restaurant (not fast food).
Please offer detailed comments about this restaurant that differentiated this restaurant from others that you have dined in. Include the name, city and state of this restaurant.
After leaving a restaurant, you realize that you forgot the name of the manager. What do you do?
Give an example of a mystery shopping experience that did not go as planned and tell us how you worked through the situation.

SpellingGrammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

Please type the following using the proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling:
"After atemmpting to sign in I relized that I did not have the corect pass word and would need to retreive and old email in which it was sent to me by the account mannager on novimber 28rd 2010 but I cant find it."

Type the words below using the correct spelling:


Choose the right sentence to complete this statement: "What’s the difference between their, there, and they’re?"

FinalAlmost Done!

Are you applying to be a or an ?

One more section, Auditors!

Please continue on with the sequence of numbers: "22, 24, 26; 31, 33, 35; 42, 44, 46; 51, 53, 55; 62, 64, 66"

It is important to follow explicit instructions while completing any audit.

When a question asks if the labels were placed in the proper order, they must follow this color order:
red, pumpkin, yellow, white, sky blue, green, brown, black, orange, lilac, pink.

What color precedes lilac?
How many colors are listed?
How many colors begin with the letter "P"?
Please list every third word:

Please list the following in reverse alphabetical order: Special, Foreign, Privilege, Leader, Success, Pleasant

Let’s finish this up!

I certify that the information provided in this application is correct. I acknowledge that I will not be allowed to work as an Independent Contractor for Circle of Service for presenting false/inaccurate information in this application. I acknowledge that I will be unable to perform any mystery shops until I have read and signed off on the Independent Contractor Agreement for Circle of Service. I acknowledge that I will be working as an Independent Contractor for Circle of Service, not an employee. *


To legally sign this application, and to fully agree to the statements above, please provide your initials, date of birth, today’s date, and answer our "are you human" question (it helps prevent spam).

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